Featured Services

  • MECHANICAL SEAL TRAINING – We at Pactor strive to offer our clients the best service in the field. One way of making sure our clients are happy is by helping them understand our product.
  • FULL REFURBISHMENT OF ANY MECHANICAL SEAL – At Pactor we can, and will gladly refurbish any make of mechanical seal.
  • DESIGNING OF CUSTOM / SPECIAL MECHANICAL SEALS – It came to our attention that there are clients in their respective industries with special needs regarding mechanical seals. At Pactor weare able to expertly assist in those special custom needs.
  • PUMP REPAIRS / RECONDITIONING TO OEM SPECIFICATIONS – We have a fully functional engineering shop. No engineering job is too big or too small.

Additional Services

▪ Seal Selection Guidelines

▪ Lapping Services

▪ Light Bead Blasting